New Book to be launched, Love is our mission - the family fully alive

A new book aimed at strengthening the family to become communities of life and love is to be launched in Wellington next month.

Love is our mission: The family fully alive is the title of the book written and compiled by Patricia Alfonso-Sison, Director, Centre of Marriage and Family (CMF) based on the preparatory catechism of the same title from the 8th World Meeting of Families, an international gathering founded by St. John Paul II “to strengthen the sacred bonds of the family across the globe.”

"Today the family is attacked from all sides and there is so much confusion about what family is. The purpose of this book is to 'go back to the beginning' of the Word of God and rediscover God's plan for human purpose, marriage and the family,” she stated.

Ewen Laurenson, Centre of Marriage and Family Chairman and co-founder of the Open Home Foundation says the highlight of the book for him is the collaboration of family ministry organisations.
This is what Centre for Marriage and Family is about: getting people to work and collaborate to promote marriage and the family since we believe that it is only by working together we can achieve our mission.
The book features reflections from a number of New Zealanders who are involved in ministry, especially to families including: Michelle Kaufman from Family Life International, Pol Nerona from Couples for Christ; Bro Kieran Fenn, Marist brother; and Wayne Mulqueen from Focus on the Family. It is supplemented by videos of talks from the 8th World Meeting of Families that shed light on each of the ten topics featured in the book.

Mrs Alfonso-Sison believes the book connects to the The Year of Mercy as it is about contemplating God through Jesus who is the face of mercy.

“This book is meant to rediscover God's plan for the family which is God's masterpiece and central to his plan of salvation. God created the family and it was through a family that Jesus came into the world. The family is the first place where we encounter love. Ministry to families by helping them find their identity and mission in Christ and to help them live according to God's plan is for me one of the greatest works of mercy since it impacts the whole of society.”

Love is our mission: the Family fully alive will be launched on Sunday, November 13, 2016 at the Churton Park Community Centre ,Wellington, 6:30 pm, all are welcome. If you would like a copy of the book please email or visit 

 25 October 2016

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